Hi, I’m Amanda

I believe that we all have access to an inner knowledge that helps us overcome our challenges. I use several tools to help clients access this knowledge including talk therapy, art therapy, mindfulness and meditation practices based off client need and comfort level. My approach is humanistic, trauma-informed and strength-based. I work with clients where they are at on any given day. From there, we collaborate to build skills and resiliency.

Growing up I could make art for hours getting lost in drawings and creative projects. Art making nurtured something within me and became a channel for expression and processing. As challenges arose, I turned to art for answers and for space to play. Creating helped me make sense of my experiences and brought me great joy. This remains true today. 

I graduated with a BA in art education and child psychology from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Later, moving to the east coast graduating from School of Visual Arts, with a masters in Art Therapy. While in New York, I worked in schools, community centers and clinics. I also started a private practice part time. After living on the east coast for eight years, I moved to Portland a place that felt like home, before it was. 

I am fascinated by the way our body holds our stories and way we can access our deeper knowledge through our embodied experience. In my early twenties I became curious about yoga and meditation. I practiced as a means for self-care then I found that both asana (movement practice) and meditation opened doors for personal growth. I am a certified yoga instructor and continue to study various forms of meditation. Yoga and meditation have been grounding and expansive practices for me and have continue to be part of my daily practice, and offerings to interested clients.

I also believe that we are all creative and can use our creativity to honor and make sense of our experiences. I will support you as you connect with your own inner guidance. I work with youth, teens adults and families to help find resources within themselves to overcome challenges. I work with many clients who have experienced trauma, and or difficulty in transition (separation, divorce, loss of job, just moved, going back to school etc). I also work with people who are looking for creative practices to enhance their well being. 

I look forward to connecting with you if you are interested in services for yourself or for family members.

Amanda Zucker, ATR-BC, LPC  Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Amanda Zucker, ATR-BC, LPC

Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor

Portland Therapy Center Approved Therapist

Portland Therapy Center Approved Therapist